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How do YOU define family?

SOTMSC is looking for submissions of photos and stories of how Canadians choose to define family.

Photos can be as personal and/or as abstract as desired, as serious or comical as desired, as meaningful and/or as awkward as desired with as much or as little description desired.

The results will be respectfully showcased at the Shakespeare-In-Hospitals' Family Reunion Gala, Thursday December 12th and Friday December 13th at 304 Parliament St, Toronto. in our Family Photo Slideshow.

Following the gala the photos will be deleted.

Questions to help inspire our submitters:

  • Do you choose your family, or does your family choose you? Or neither?
  • How many families do we have?
  • What does our family give us? What do we feel we give our family?

DM photos/stories to Spur Of The Moment Shakespeare Collective on social media or email to with the subject heading "Family Photo".

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