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Goat Howl Theatre and Nightmare Girl Theatre Company is producing a works-in-progress evening for Toronto-based artists!

Do you have an original performance piece in development? Do you have 10 -15 minutes of material you would like to workshop in front of a warm and supportive audience?

We are looking for new works by companies or individuals making theatre, devised work, physical theatre, clown, dance, multi-disciplinary, multimedia performance, etc for a works in progress evening this November 2019.

We encourage new and upcoming companies and independent creators to apply.

This is an opportunity for artists to share something they are working on. The goal of the evening is to create a supportive, and encouraging environment where artists can showcase their work, meet potential new collaborators, and receive feedback on their new works.

Each artist gets 10 - 15 minutes of stage time where they can show anything they are currently working on to an audience.
Each artist gets to decide what kind/how to facilitate the feedback.

To submit, please send an email to and CC to with the subject: “ Your Name WIP November 2019 Submission”

Submissions must be received by Saturday, September 14th at 11:59pm.

Include in email:
Name or Name of Company
Primary Contact: Name, Phone, and Email
Social Media Handles
Links to Video Previous Work Sample/s (Minimum 1 / Maximum 3, at 5mins each max)
Script sample, if available
The Title / Working Title of Piece You Would Like to Show
Max 500 words which includes:
- A written description of the piece you want to workshop.
- Has this work been shown anywhere previously? If so, where?
- How would you like to receive feedback and why? What type of feedback are you looking for? (This can include simply staging the work for an audience gauging their response.)
- Do you have any tech requirements? (Audio, AV, Lighting, etc.)
- Is there an artist or company you admire or inspires you and your work, and why?

Please send an email to if you have any questions.

Goat Howl Theatre
Insta: @goathowltheatre

Nightmare Girl Theatre Company
Insta: @nightmaregirltheatre

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