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The cast of the first workshop of The 10/10/10 Project. Photo by Jordan Laffrenier.

The 10/10/10 Project is an experimental project in which 10 writers, 10 composers, 10 choreographers, and 10 filmmakers work together to create a large-scale piece of multidisciplinary theatre.

Using chance procedures and by having artists solely communicate to each other through the presentation of work, 10/10/10 functions as a game of broken telephone. The goal of the project is to connect the community and to encourage artists of different disciplines to collaborate together. 10/10/10 is a gathering point. Who knows what will be created?

In April 2014, 10 writers from across Canada wrote 10 pieces using the prompt "There's something here that shouldn't be." These pieces were then given to 10 composers who composed 10 unique musical tracks based on the essence of the writing they were given. Each piece of music was then matched with one of 10 choreographers, who created a movement piece inspired by the music they received. The writers then returned to view these dance creations and each wrote a final piece inspired by the essence of the individual dance they had been assigned. During this process, none of the artists were allowed to talk to each other about the work they had exchanged, creating an egoless and random creation environment.

The piece of dance-theatre created from the contributions to the first round of the project will premiere at the 2015 Toronto and Hamilton Fringe Festivals.

We are currently looking for both professional and emerging writers, composers, choreographers, and filmmakers to join us for the second round of the project.

The second round adds a film element to the project, and will premiere in 2016. The timeline for creation is as follows:

  • July 1-22 2015 - Filmmakers work
  • Jul 22-August 19 - Choreographers work
  • August 19-September 9 - Composers work
  • September 9-October 7 - Writers work
  • October 7 onwards - Work goes to director Jordan Laffrenier, who will begin stringing pieces together and casting the show.

Interested applicants should email with the following:

  • A piece of writing OR composition OR choreography OR film inspired by the prompt "Today will be different." Writing should be maximum 2 pages. All other work should be 30 seconds to 5 minutes. All work can be in any style desired
  • Samples of previous work in your field, if desired

Questions or requests for further information can also be directed to

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