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D’Arcy Symposium is a community arts event and party co-curated by Ryan Faubert and Samuel James Wilson.

The event incorporates a wide range of artistic works – from bands, to visual and installation art, performance art, dance and theatre in a beautiful, 120 year old home in the heart of Baldwin Village. D’Arcy Symposium’s first show was on May 26, 2018.


The Symposium is current seeking short dance projects approximately 5 to 15 min. in length, to be presented alongside works of performance art and theatre in the upstairs white box Studio Theatre.

All dance / theatre / performance art pieces will be considered, however applicants should be aware that the stage is only 12 x 13 ft., making the number of bodies able to occupy the stage limited. Should the applicant wish to consider another location within the house, the performance curator will be happy to discuss possibilities with the applicant.

There will be a stage manager in addition to the curator managing all dance, theatre, and performance artists whether they elect to perform in the Studio Theatre or not.

Submissions are due August 31st at 5pm, and applicants may apply through the Google Docs form linked here:

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