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DEADLINE for submissions is April 5th, 2019

After the incredible success of last year's Dark Crop Performance Festival, OPIA Theatre Collective is once again excited to announce that we are now accepting submissions for Dark Crop 2019. Nestled beside the Speed River in Cambridge, ON is five acres of open farm land - our stage. We invite you to join us for Ontario’s third annual all-night theatre festival, beginning at 5pm on August 17th, and concluding with the sunrise on August 18, 2019. Pitch a tent an experience art under the stars.

The Dark Crop Performance Festival is an all-night arts festival that showcases a variety of acts including music, theatre, dance, poetry, puppetry, and story-telling, as well as a visual artists showcase that includes painters, photographers, and local artisans. The festival takes place on the second last weekend of August and runs throughout the entirety of one night, beginning just before sunset and ending with the sunrise the following morning. Dark Crop invites the audience to connect to the outdoors, the stars, the moon, and art in a new environment that they may not have been exposed to previously. Dark Crop encourages artists to ask questions about what it means to perform outdoors, at night, away from the city and hopes that artists use the natural environment to heighten their stories and voices to a new level they would not be able to reach in a traditional theatre venue. We are also proud to create a platform for emerging artists to showcase new work and begin to develop their individual voices. For that reason, Dark Crop is very valuable in the continuation and growth of the Canadian theatre scene and, in turn, Canadian culture as a whole.

If you are a PERFORMER, ACTOR, MUSICIAN, POET, DANCER, or ARTIST OF ANY KIND we want to hear from you! We are encouraging submissions from all artists - regardless of gender, age, race, orientation, physical and mental ability. Please share our submission information with all of your artist pals, so that this festival can reflect the incredible melting pot of culture and people that make our beautiful country what it is.

DEADLINE for submissions is April 5th. Please visit our website to fill out your submission - the link is below.

This is a paid opportunity. Companies will be paid using the profit share model under the Artists’ Collective Policy.

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