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Headstrong Collective (with Lark & Whimsy Collective) is seeking a director for Salt, a new Canadian play by Erin Vandenberg.

Salt focuses on the relationship between two teenage sisters and their alcoholic mother in an isolated Northern Ontario town. The play was shortlisted for Tarragon Theatre’s RBC Emerging Playwright’s Award in 2013, and the National Play Reading Series at Nightwood Theatre’s 2014 Groundswell Festival.

Production dates: September 14-25, 2016
Rehearsals: August-September, 2016 (part-time)
Contract: Artists’ Collective Policy

Sensitivity to and knowledge of mental illness/alcoholism, experience incorporating design elements (specifically video projection), and experience with new play development are assets for this project.

Please submit a brief letter of interest and Director CV to by Monday April 4. The script will be available for interested candidates on request.

For this project, preference will be given to directors who identify as female and/or ethno-culturally diverse.

Synopsis and more information:

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