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Submission Deadline: Fri, Feb 16th, 2018

Details of the Project
Pure Carbon is seeking a dramaturg, and 2 actors of Greek heritage to partake in a script development workshop for a new play called Kairos . The workshop will include 3 in-studio script development rehearsals, and will culminate in a private reading of the play for invited guests.

Kairos tells the story of a chance meeting between a Greek woman and a Greek-Canadian man in front of the Elgin Marbles housed in the British Museum in London, England, which sparks an argument, a friendship, and a controversy. One seeks to preserve, one seeks to destroy.

Project will be taking place in March and April 2018. Specific dates are flexible and will be determined once the team is fully assembled. This is a paid opportunity.

This project is produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.

What We're Looking For
-Two Actors for the following roles:
Ioanna (female, age: 24-30) - Intense, outspoken, and sarcastic. Born and raised in Athens, Greece. Ability to speak Greek, and speak English with a Greek accent are essential.

Nicholas (male, age: 24-30) - Reserved, intellectual, and pragmatic. Born in Toronto, Canada to Greek-Canadian immigrants. Ability to speak Greek is helpful, but not required.

-Dramaturg (or Director with experience in New Play Development) who is able to act as an outside eye during the in-studio rehearsals, as well as to offer feedback and direction on the text and action in one-on-one meetings with the playwright.

Please note that this play is in flux and in development - we are seeking a team to aid in this process. Experience or interest in script development, and new work is integral to this project.

To Submit
Contact us at Please include a resume or CV, a statement to introduce us to you and your work, and why you would be interested in working on this project. Further details will be provided at that time.

About Pure Carbon
Our goal is to create original, visceral theatre that deals with strong characters, high stakes and intense emotions; a theatre that supersedes the everyday; a theatre without fear. Our theatre events range from fully mounted shows, to cabarets and parties, to our experiment series of workshop style productions.

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