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The Storefront Theatre is looking for the next great Canadian Playwrights. We are on the hunt for the best in Toronto’s Indie Theatre Scene. Kick in with the revolutionaries at the Storefront and join our inaugural Playwright’s Unit.

Cast size, content, and scope don’t frighten us. We’re looking for bold, gritty plays for the twitter generation. We are particularly interested in works that fall into a genre or style (e.g. film noir, gangster, western, docu-drama, etc).

This year Storefront is running a blind submission process, all scripts will be read by dramaturg Emma Mackenzie Hillier without knowledge of who wrote them. Please pay strict attention to the Requirements for Submissions so that your application is not removed because you didn’t follow the instructions.

The unit will run from June 2016 to May 2017 and includes meetings in Toronto, several weekend retreats, and culminating in a week of public performances. We offer our playwrights professional workshops and the support of our dramaturg.

Requirements for submission:
• Submissions will be read blind. Remove all mention of your name from the script and only include contact information on your cover letter.
• Full-length scripts or excerpts of your work (whatever you feel best represents your work and/or the project you’re interested in working on with us). Your name cannot appear on this material.
• A brief cover letter that tells us about you, your artist’s statement and why you think Storefront would be a good fit for you. Your name can appear on this material.
• Script proposals and story boards also accepted if you don’t yet have a fully developed script.

Submissions or questions about the unit can be sent to the Storefront’s dramaturg Emma Mackenzie Hillier at, this email will be monitored by an impartial but friendly and helpful individual who will forward any and all questions onto Emma, who will respond as best she can. Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2016.
Please note that the unit is by invitation only, submission does not guarantee a spot.

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