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Deadline: Monday, February 24, 2020 at 11:59pm

Meet the Mentors

We are thrilled to introduce three of Canada's national arts leaders as mentors in our new Executive Leadership program. These key leaders will provide valuable advice and counsel, and share knowledge and insight to support the professional development of our next generation of arts leaders. Introducing: 

  • Lynne Skromeda, Executive Director of Winnipeg Folk Festival
  • Barry Hughson, Executive Director of The National Ballet of Canada
  • Alisa Palmer, Artistic Director and Director of the Acting, Directing and Artistic Residency Programs of National Theatre School of Canada.

Our Executive Leadership program offers an exciting opportunity for current arts leaders to gain valuable mentorship from their peers in larger organizations and to help build social capital.

Who should apply for our Executive Leadership program?

We are looking for an executive director (or equivalent) or the head of a major department within art, culture or heritage organization in a paid, permanent capacity who has a minimum of three full-time staff members, five years of consistent programming history, and an operating budget of at least $700,000. Many of you have been in touch to express your interest in this program and share your thoughts on the operating budget requirements. We have heard you and have altered the criteria accordingly. We are now accepting applications from leaders with operating budgets of $700,000 and above.  

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