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Deadline: May 7, 2021

TO Live today announced explorations,a new initiative to support artists in their creative process. It will provide $5,000 funding to each of 12 artists, artist collectives, or project-based organizations to research and develop an idea or technique that will push the boundaries of their practice.

explorations has been conceived in recognition of the importance for artists to have the creative space and time, free from the pressure of predetermined outcomes, to feed artistic ambition and to push the boundaries of their practice. Research is an essential part of the creative process that doesn’t always find a home within the norms of project-based funding models.

Creative expression and the transformative role of art will be at the forefront of our recovery and are essential elements of TO Live,” said Clyde Wagner, President and CEO of TO Live. “We are thrilled to be able to launch the explorations program and continue the work we have been doing in the Toronto Arts Community.”

TO Live is inviting applications from Toronto based artists working in any discipline. They will be asked to identify one of four streams that most strongly leads their proposal: choreography, theatre, music, or digital. Three proposals will be selected in each stream.

Applications are due on May 7, 2021. Additional details including how to apply are available here.

As the emotional, financial, and professional challenges of the pandemic roll into their second year, explorations reflects TO Live’s commitment to Toronto’s individual artists, and members of artist collectives and project-based organizations, who have been hit especially hard by the impact of COVID-19. Initiatives such as this provide support so they can work and continue to pursue their artistic aspirations,” says Josephine Ridge, VP of Programming.

Submissions will be considered by four panels reflecting the diversity of Toronto and comprising TO Live staff and members of the arts community. Consideration will be given to the motivation driving the submission, the potential for innovation in the artist’s practice, and how it feeds into future professional and artistic aspirations. explorations will not provide support for existing projects; it is focused on the opportunity for artists to experiment and to stretch their creative ambitions without the pressures of a finished outcome.

Successful applicants will be notified by June 4, 2021 and will have until October 15, 2021 to work with their idea, at which time, in consultation with TO Live’s VP of Programming, Josephine Ridge, the most appropriate method of sharing their progress will be agreed.

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