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Filament Incubator is excited to announce that it is now accepting submissions for its second season.

We are looking for scripts and project proposals for production in our second season, slated to launch in May 2017. Submissions from all artists are welcome, though we are mandated to give preferential engagement to early career artists.

Submissions can be sent to: with the Subject Line "2017 Season Submission"

In it's inaugural season, Filament successfully produced 8 plays over the course of 8 months:

  • Bill by Daniel Bagg
  • Lemon by Andrew Markowiak
  • Rowing by Aaron Jan
  • Hot Kitchen/SECOND SHIFT by Raw Matter Collective
  • Tire Swing by Curtis te Brink
  • Swan by Aaron Jan
  • 'Til Death Do Us Part by Lauren Griffiths
  • Paradise Comics by Caitie Graham

"The remarkable number of great theatrical moments that came out of the Incubator’s first season is almost secondary to the achievement of making that many things, promoting that many voices and unlocking that many doors." - Kelly Bedard, myentertainmentworld

Projects must be a minimum of 45 minutes in length, and preference will be given to projects that have not been produced professionally.

Filament Incubator was founded with the express intent to be a launching pad for underproduced and underrepresented emerging artists, programming them on a consistent basis. We aim to be a catalyst in the creation and development of new Canadian Work that spans a myriad of perspectives and aesthetics.
It is important to us that we offer opportunity to young artists that are facing an industry that is being forced to tighten purse-strings and, in many cases, scale back development programs for artists that lack experience and acclaim. It is also our aim to reclaim an independent theatre movement that has become increasingly commercial in its programming and operation.

It is our aim to explore, engage, and investigate a society that was built by/for a generation much different than our own. We are hungry. We are curious. We are driven.

The Incubator is the collective brainchild of Daniel Bagg, Aaron Jan, Andrew Markowiak and Zach Parkhurst.

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