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Announcing the program for FireWorks 2018:

Three daring new plays developed at Alumnae
If you wish to apply to direct, check the descriptions of the plays below, choose which play or plays you are interested in pitching for. Send your resume and a short (2-3 sentences) statement about which play and why. If you are chosen for an interview, you will be given access to the scripts and asked to prepare a detailed outline of your vision for the production. Note: FireWorks is a development festival, dramaturgy will continue right through production, and the writer will be part of the process. Casting/rehearsals begin September.

FireWorks 2018 runs November 7 to 25, 2018 in the Alumnae Theatre Studio. Each play runs for one week, Wednesday to Sunday, with two performances on Saturday.

To apply: send your resume and statement by 20 April to:
in the subject heading put: 2018 call for directors

THE PIGEON by Chloe Whitehorn November 7 to 11

Sometimes revenge is bitter sweet and sometimes it's like a box of chocolates.
Malone, a middle-aged old-fashioned woman harbouring an age-old vendetta, meets in the park with Jegger, a young punk and the son of her nemesis, to conspire against the man who ruined their lives. Interspersed through their conversation are scenes between Jegger and his pregnant fiancé Amy spanning the months from Jegger ‘s first meeting with Malone up to the day of their current conversation. Malone and Jegger have nothing in common but a man they despise.
2 women: Malone 50-70; Amy early twenties; 1 man: Jegger 25

MOVING ON by Elmar Maripuu November l4-18
The Director has already been chosen.

ANIMAL by Romeo Ciolfi November 21 to 25

Raina Shepherd is a sick woman: schizophrenic, bipolar…and she likes to bite. To make matters worse, she’s off her medication. We first meet Raina in one of her manic states, as her mother Mercedes tries her best to ground her. But Raina’s mother has been dead for six months. When her brother Daniel and estranged son Griffin arrive, they find a woman whose unhinged mental state terrifies them. As they attempt to reconnect with Raina, As they attempt to reconnect with Raina, they must deal with deep wounds of their own and revelations from their collective pasts.

2 women: Raina 40; Mercedes 60-70. 2 men: Daniel late 30s; Griffin 18

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