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Seven Siblings Theatre is now taking submissions for our first new Canadian works festival.

In Fall 2017 we will present four new plays featuring artists within our mandate of Fantastic Realism. What does that include?

Science Fiction
Magical Realism
Existential Theatre
Deconstructed or meta-theatrical works
Heightened characters
Supernatural worlds

Four selected ensembles will train with Seven Siblings Theatre in Toronto on a monthly basis from May to Oct to develop and shape original productions (90 minutes or less in length). Artists are also expected to rehearse independently to expand the pieces. The completed performances will receive world premieres at the Future Theatre Festival.

We encourage applications from all backgrounds, beliefs, and identities. To be considered, please submit a formal pitch to with the following information.

1) Who are you? Who are the core members of your ensemble? What is your process when devising theatre?
2) What is your piece about? How does it reflect our mandate for Fantastic Realism?
3) How would you benefit from working in our development sessions?
4) A brief relevant biography or resume of each artist on your team.
5) Previous writing samples of your work. If you create physical or non-traditional theatre, please submit or audio/visual recordings of your work.

Applications are due by 5pm on March 17th 2017. Early submissions are encouraged. Both union and non-union artists can apply! Productions will be engaged under the CAEA Artist Collective Policy.

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