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The Gardiner wants to further enhance the richness and diversity of the cultural sector by providing its 307-square-metre third floor special exhibition hall to the community for programming in the summer of 2016 from June 20 – September 11.

We are inviting proposals from cultural and community organizations that outline what they would do in the special exhibition hall for a two week period during the summer. The possibilities are endless—dance, music or theatre performances, workshops, community arts outreach, installations, performance art—our space is yours for the taking.


The Gardiner aims to promote the authenticity of clay in an increasingly virtual world. Your proposal should include how your project will contribute to the central theme of Make It Real.

We invite other arts and culture organizations, independent artists, curators and scholars to submit project proposals.Through this project, the Gardiner hopes to engage with new audiences, form new partnerships, and showcase the best, most interesting, thought-provoking, and audacious arts programming that Toronto has to offer. Proposals are welcome from individuals, collectives, established cultural organizations or institutions, performers, visual artists, community arts organizations, and more.

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