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in. to .it is a program which invites a wider range of voices into the development of a performance work called LOT X. Participants are asked to attend and participate in in-progress showings, offer their feedback through facilitated conversations, and be the first to test new digital performance experiences.

LOT X is a new large scale dance work adelheid* is developing. The work involves an audience that moves around throughout the show, with the opportunity to view the work from multiple perspectives. Through an examination of real and metaphorical place, LOT X looks at how we come together.

Because the work is so grounded in themes of place, space, and sharing, we especially welcome interest from people with diverse experiences of place or “home” here in Canada. This includes Indigenous people, recent migrants and refugees, as well as people with different generational relationships to Toronto and Canada. We are most interested in working with people who are not directly involved in the performing arts community in a professional capacity, and/or people who don’t often attend contemporary dance performances.

*adelheid creates dance performance works exploring relationships between people and their environments, as well as issues of human contact and interaction. We examine these questions both through the “what” of our work (themes and topics) and through the “how” (where the work happens, the format of the work, etc). We aim to work outside of traditional structures and create shared experiences where important questions can be asked.

in. to .it. values inclusivity; we welcome all people - across gender, race, ability, and class - into this process.

Participants will be asked to join us for the following dates and times:

January 10 7pm meet & greet (location TBC)
Feb 1 4pm Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (509 Parliament Street) (1.5 hours)
March 28 7pm Harbourfront Centre Theatre (2 hours)
April 19 or 25* TBC (2 hours)
May 24th 8pm Harbourfront Centre Theatre (2 hours)
June 5th 7pm post-project appreciation night!

Show run: Dress May 28th & Performances 29th - June 2nd, Harbourfront Centre Theatre.
There will be an opportunity to see the final version of the show, details TBA.

adelheid dance projects will offer all participants TTC tokens to cover travel.
Light snacks will be provided at all sessions.

Deadline for application: November 9, 2018
Notification: November 30, 2018

LOT X is supported by the Harbourfront Centre Performing Arts Residency Program
& Canada Council's New Chapter Program.
Many thanks to DanceWorks for supporting in .to .it.

Please contact Sedina Fiati at with any questions!

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