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The Toronto Fringe Festival would like to invite street performers and buskers of every variety to entertain the masses at the Fringe Club this year.

The Toronto Fringe Festival is Ontario’s largest theatre festival, and the Fringe Club is the festival hub. The Honest Ed’s parking lot is transformed into Toronto’s hottest pop-up patio, art market, performance venue, and social hub. This is YOUR opportunity to amaze Fringe Club patrons with your unique act and talent.

Some details:
• The 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival runs June 29-July 10.
• Performers will be programmed by the Fringe based on style and suitability.
• The performances will take place at the Fringe Club, located in Honest Ed’s Parking Lot at 581 Bloor St. West. The Fringe Club is open Monday-Friday 4pm-2am and Saturday-Sunday 1pm-2am.
• Due to how busy the Fringe Club is, performance areas are limited in size.
• Performance spaces do not have a raised stage.
• Performances can range anywhere from 10-45 minutes. It is up to you to capture your audience’s attention as they walk-through the Fringe Club.
• Performances cannot include amplification of any kind (no amps, mics, speakers, etc.).
• The Fringe does not supply storage or technical support.
• Applications are free.
• If your application is accepted, you will be charged a participation fee of $25.
• Street performers and buskers will be included on the Fringe website.
• Buskers or Street performers are encouraged to pass the hat or set-up a tip jar.
• All performances must comply with federal and provincial law.

How to Apply:
• For more information or to apply click here .
• Applications are due on 5th May 2016.
• If you are accepted, you will be asked to submit payment within 7 days.

If you have any questions, email Mirette at, or call at 416-966-1062 x 9.

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