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Gay Theatre Toronto

Are you an LGBTQ writer/journalist who loves theatre?

If so, Gay Theatre Toronto is looking for a writer to help us review any and all LGBTQ themed shows at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival. We are also interested in videographers if that’s your thing.

This isn’t a paying position but it’s a great opportunity to see a lot of theatre for free and to be a part of one of Toronto’s most exciting theatre events, Toronto Fringe. It's also a chance for you to hone your writing skills while writing about something you love.

We love theatre at Gay Theatre Toronto! We are kind not cruel and our criticism is constructive. None of that “I hate my life so I’m going to take it out on some theatre artists” attitude.

If you’re available from July 1 - 12 and think this volunteer opportunity might be a good fit for you, send your cover letter and resume to Darren Stewart-Jones at by June 15.

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