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COVID - 19 has left a lot of artists out of work with little or no money. 

Government aid is coming but it's still unclear about who qualifies and who doesn't. 

And it isn't rolling out until April. 

Bad New Days wants to help ease stress by administering micro grants for artists to buy groceries. 

How It Works:
Artists of any discipline can request a one time, no questions asked, micro grant of $75 for groceries, food and other essentials. 

Grants will be first come, first served and we'll keep giving them out as long as the money lasts. 

To apply, simply send a message to badnewdaysperformance(at) In the message identify that you are an artist and...that's it! No further info is required. 

If you're in a position to donate anything, no matter how small, please do.
This is a very small action we can do as a community to immediately offer some aid to those who need it. 

If you can give, please do! 
If you're in need, please ask!

Be safe! 

In solidarity,
Adam and Victor from Bad New Days


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