Industry Listing, Submission.

Deadline: October 23 and November 13, 2020

“Live performance is facing unprecedented challenges. Canadian Stage wants to provide individual creators, performers and practitioners with the tools and the time that they deserve to deeply investigate their own practice, to delve into their artistic questions, and to learn the tools that they may need to pivot in this new reality. There is an opportunity and necessity for change; this is exciting, frightening, exhilarating and daunting. I believe that any significant change and innovation in our ecology will come from our artists, and so institutions must invest deeply in their time, questioning, collaboration and contemplation. Our artist investments seek to support artists as they adapt, but more importantly, lead us in understanding, questioning, and building a new collective future.” - Associate Artistic Director Mel Hague

Funded through our Artist Voucher program and donor contributions, these Artist Investment Programs will foster artistic innovation and support artist development through a unique set of granting and residency opportunities. The following opportunities will aide professional artists in investigation of their practice, with a focus on process, learning, collaboration, and deep thinking..

More details to follow on application requirements and process.

CS Microgrants

Applications close October 23, 2020 

Canadian Stage will provide funding to artists for the development of project specific or research specific creative work over the course of the 20.21 season. These grants of $2,000 each will be given to live performance creators, artists, choreographers, or makers to investigate a specific creation project or pure research question. Canadian Stage is particularly interested in supporting proposals that fall into the following four areas of investigation: anti-oppressive/anti-colonial artistic practices, new forms of collaboration, intersections with community, and new technologies.


CS Scholarships for Skills Development for Designers, Stage Managers, and Technicians

Applications close November 13, 2020 

Established in partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts and Theatre Gargantua, this scholarship will fund training (up to $2,000) for professional technicians, stage managers, and designers wishing to upgrade their skills or acquire new skills to more effectively engage in new practices in live performance.


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