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Hello Writers,

We're ringing in the Fall and announcing our Call for submissions for Write On Readings November Showcase. That's right, Write On is back and excited to read your work.

Our theme is broad, bold and we are excited to share it with you! You ready?

"It's kind of a funny story." That's correct, we, at Write On Readings, want pieces that have a good sense of humor to them. What does that mean? It could mean anything because humor is subjective!

Does your play take a look at life and point out the raw, humorous parts of this crazy world? Amazing. Is it absurd? We dig it! Is it dark and funny? Yes, please! Will your piece make us snort? (or maybe just Laurel?). Then for the love of Harry Potter, please submit your piece to us. Bring on the uncomfortable hahaha's, the lol's, the cackles, the silent laughter , and most of all bring your own unique voice.

*Please note that your piece doesn't have to be considered a straight comedy. We are looking for work that has humorous elements to it.

Submission Guidelines: We are looking for submissions between 7-10 minutes long that you want to showcase at our event. Please specify in your application the length, or proposed final length of the piece you would like to present. Please email you submissions to

Due date: October 28th, 2016. 11:59pm. Please include a short bio, headshot, a description of your piece, and a copy of the piece you want to read.

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