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D'Arcy Symposium is an independent art event and party that takes place in a beautiful, 120 year old home in Grange Park, right around the corner from the AGO.

The Symposium had its inaugural show on May 26 and we simply couldn't wait open our doors again: The Second Movement of the D'Arcy Symposium is taking place Saturday, September 29. The theme of the night will be "The Second Movement".


The Symposium is currently seeking one-act theatre works up to 45 minutes in length, to be presented alongside performance art and dance in the white box Studio Theatre on the third floor of the venue.

All pieces will be equally considered, although applicants should be aware that the stage is 12 x 13 ft. Should the applicant wish to consider another location in the house, the performance curator will be happy to discuss the possibilities with the applicant.

There will be a stage manager in addition to the performance curator managing all dance, theatre and performance artists for the evening, regardless of whether they elect to perform in the Studio Theatre.

Submissions are due AUGUST 31 at 5 PM through the Google form linked in this page.

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