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Remember handwriting, envelopes, and stamps? 

In the spirit of our analogue Pride programming this June, Buddies is offering an old-school pen pal matching program.

While there’s currently an unprecedented amount of digital and virtual opportunity for meeting online (and we are grateful for the ways technology is keeping us connected at this time), we want to explore some alternative-to-digital ways to forge connections and new relationships between queer folx, across generations.   

We are looking for queers from across Canada—artists, audience members, club goers, retirees, arts workers, community leaders, old or young —who would welcome the chance to write a letter (or maybe a few), and get to know someone through an exchange through the mail. A chance to share some thoughts or memories about what Pride means to you, now, or before; a chance to exchange some queer life stories and experiences, to write about what things are like right now for you. 

Participants will be matched up with each other to become snail-mail pen pals, sharing letters back and forth. We will prioritize (unless you indicate otherwise) matching people across generational lines. 


  • Requests for pen pals will be accepted on an ongoing basis, but the sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can match you.
  • The first round of matches will be sent via email on May 25
  • Your first letter should be sent on or around June 1

Your name and mailing address will only be shared with your pen pal and with Buddies in Bad Times.

Please fill out this form to participate.

If getting to a mailbox, or access to stamps is an issue, please indicate that on the form, and we will be glad to help. If you have any questions, please reach out to Stephanie Malek at

Pride Pen Pals is brought to you by Buddies’ ongoing Youth/Elders Projects, dedicated to connecting queer folks across generations (previous projects include The Youth/Elders Project stage production (2016/17), the Youth/Elders Podcast (2017/18), and our on-going “In Conversation” series (2018/19 – present). 

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