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Application Deadline: January 30, 2019

Practicum participants will examine their core skills and develop those needed by a props builder in today’s theatre world. Through collaborative and individual instruction, assignments, and presentations, this program covers a wide variety of techniques.

Specific course content is determined by Banff Centre performance programming, for which participants will take an active part in the creation of props, from design through rehearsals to opening.

What does the program offer?
The core skills of a props artisan are developed based on the needs of each participant. Woodwork, wood turning, the use of various plastics, sewing, painting, sculpting, drawing, and hand and power tool use are covered, along with materials and techniques used in contemporary practice.

Additional workshops are often offered in upholstery techniques, materials relevant to theatrical use, sculpting with various materials, and moulding and casting using silicone and urethane rubbers/resins.

Props practicums are encouraged to engage in workshops hosted by other departments. In the past, millinery, prosthetic makeup, scenic paint, welding, ladder and lift training, life drawing practice, and rope work have been offered as skills of value to props artisans.

Who should apply?
Ideal applicants will have some training and apprenticeship experience as well as an interest in pursuing a career as a props builder.

Applicants should be captivated by creating, not as a solo artist but as part of a collegial group of talented coworkers, and fashioning the supporting elements to a performed piece. Applicants must be able to facilitate a designer’s vision and accommodate the changes inherent in the rehearsal process.

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Application Deadline: January 30, 2019
Dates: May 07 - August 06, 2019

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