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Deadline: February 3, 2020

Do you have an idea for a project that involves puppetry? Or would you like to participate in such a project?

The Puppetry eXploratory Laboratory (PXL) is a mentorship program for individual artists and/or small groups to work on projects in puppetry or that integrate puppetry into multi-media arts projects.

Application Deadline: February 3, 2020

PXL offers the opportunity for artists to explore their creative passion within the puppet art form, while interacting and collaborating with artists of all disciplines. PXL membership entails many benefits for a rare learning opportunity: it is a chance to fine tune skills you already have, to develop and try new ones, or simply learn a greater appreciation for the art of puppetry and its many facets.

PXL is a forum for the development of creative ideas, not merely a showcase for future productions: emphasis is on the development of new material and unique adaptations of existing material. We are looking to push the envelope; we invite you to join us!

Participants work in groups, made up of Project Participants and a Project Initiator, collaborating on the Project Initiator’s project. Over the following months Puppetmongers will assist in moving the projects forward, with meeting-planning sessions, shop time at our studio, direction and technical and general advice.

Puppetry eXploratory Laboratory (PXL)

“Being part of PXL was an amazing experience. From that first meeting, when we cast about to find like-minded people, through all the stress of rehearsals where we found ourselves coming together as a group, to the last nerve-wracking performance, it was one of the most exciting and fulfilling times of my life and I can’t thank Ann and David Powell enough for making it possible.” - Nell Coleman, past participant.


  • Deadline: Feb 3 (applicants will be notified of their application status within 2 weeks following deadline)
  • Participation fees: $250 for 4 months of puppet nurturing (for either a Project Initiator or Participant). Materials are the responsibility of the project group.
  • The Project Initiators will present their project ideas at the first scheduled meeting, and the Project Participants will choose which project to join. Project Initiators and Participants will then meet over the next few months (at their own mutual scheduling), to build and rehearse the pieces with Puppetmongers’ mentorship.
  • The final performances or presentations will be in late Spring (date TBA).

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