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Do you have an idea for a project that involves puppetry? Or would you like to participate in such a project?

This program brings together people with project ideas (Project Initiators) and people who’d like to work on a project (Project Participants), with our mentorship, on the development of short puppet productions.

Applications are due by January 30th, 2017. Notification will be the week after that. The program starts as soon after that as we can schedule a meeting of all participants and culminates with presentations at Fresh Ideas in Puppetry Day on June 3rd 2017 at the AKI Studio Theatre

“Being part of the 2010 PXL was an amazing experience. From that first meeting, when we cast about to find like-minded people, through all the stress of rehearsals where we found ourselves coming together as a group, to the last nerve-wracking performance, it was one of the most exciting and fulfilling times of my life and I can’t thank Ann and David Powell enough for making it possible.” - Nell Coleman, past participant.

The fee to participate in this 4 months of puppetry nurturing is $250

For more information and inquiries please email: or call 416-469-3555
Please Visit our website for full application details.

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