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For our 40th anniversary season, QueerCab has a brand new format.

It's a curated evening of performance, theatre, music, dance, multimedia, lewks and everything in between that showcases young and emerging 2SLGBTQ+ artists in the community, curated by Daniel Carter.

We're also currently accepting applications for QueerCab on an ongoing basis, with two more QueerCabs this season (March 6 and May 22).

Projects can involve any of the following forms or mediums: theatre, performance art, music, dance, film/multimedia, photography, live art, installation, writing, singing, poetry, costume/looks/lewks, audience participation, one-on-one performance - and anything in between or not listed here (within reason, of course).

We are looking to build a platform for young and emerging artists to expand their experience, take risks, and reimagine the possibilities of their work.

Want to get involved but not sure where to start? Chat about an idea/ a project/ or some good starting points -  feel free to email:


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