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The Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area (DYBIA) is a non-profit organization created in July 2001 that represents approximately 1,800 commercial businesses and 200 property owners.

It is dedicated to improving and promoting the Downtown Yonge area, through investment and advocacy, to maintain its position as Toronto’s premier shopping, business and entertainment destination. This includes projects such as streetscape improvements, a 363 day/year maintenance crew, concentrated marketing efforts and the development of research and information for tracking the performance of the District.

Funding for the DYBIA comes from a supplementary tax levied on all commercial buildings within its boundaries. The area that makes up the Downtown Yonge B.I.A. is centered on Yonge Street, and bounded by Grosvenor/Alexander Streets to the north, Bay Street to the west, Richmond Street to the south, and Church and Bond Streets to the east. This geographical area represents a dense mix of retail stores, hospitality and tourism services, professional services and social agencies; our stakeholder base is large and diverse.

DYBIA advocates for a vibrant neighbourhood through events throughout the year. One of the most exciting events we produce is Illuminite. This is the annual tree lighting ceremony held at Yonge-Dundas Square (YDS) kicking off the holiday season in the community.

This year, DYBIA is celebrating the 10th year of Illuminite.



This year’s Illuminite is on Saturday, November 18th, in the evening, in all weather.

The scope of work includes the following:

  • Creating and producing a minimum of 30-minute show that will culminate in the turning on of the holiday lighting at Yonge-Dundas Square. The programming is aimed at a live audience, that will appeal to all ages. Taking into consideration the venue, the show has to be visually captivating using different height levels and spaces. Take into consideration the new sign boards coming into the Square. See Schedule A for YDS map
  • The show is a stand alone, but take into consideration that DYBIA will bookend this with a short program at the beginning and a live band in the end. There should be a way to segue from and to these.
  • Incorporate in the show a spectacle to draw people to the tree just before it turns on.
  • Should the DYBIA secure a sponsor, meaningfully incorporate the sponsor in the prorgramming at no additional cost to DYBIA or the sponsor other than for additional materials to be built.
  • The program could be interactive or include audience participation.
  • Produce a turn key event. All props, costumes, music, permits (other than noise, use of Yonge Dundas Square, road closure) and required builds that are part of the proposal is the responsibility of the selected Proponent.
  • Provide promotional images that can be used for promotion of the event. These should be given to DYBIA by September 9th at the latest to be incorporated in all print promotional materials.
  • With DYBIA, coordinate with YDS all audio, visual, barricading and security components of the show.
  • Other than security, audio and video technical staff, selected Proponent will provide all artists, staff and personel required to execute the show.
  • Able to adjust audio and light requirements to fit the budget.
  • Overseeing the set-up and take down of everything that is related to the show
  • Ensure compliance with applicable governing legistration (i.e. ESA, OHSA, etc)
  • Providing one key point of contact as project lead to liase with DYBIA
  • Managing the dress rehearsal day prior to the event
  • Take into consideration how the digital boards at YDS can be meaningfully incorporated in the show (See Schedule A for the locations of the digital screens)


Inclement Weather
The event will take place regarding of weather. Adjustments can be made to ensure the safety of the artists, staff and audience.

DYBIA Support

DYBIA will provide the following:

  • Project lead and key contact for the entire project
  • Coordination of the following requirements: noise permit, street closure, paid duty officer, coordination with YDS, EMS as necessary
  • Use of YDS on November 17th for rehearsal and on November 18th for the event
  • Green Room at P2 of YDS with refreshments for the artists
  • Coordination for audio and light requirements at YDS

Respondents are requested to include the following components in their submissions.

1. Organizational Capacity. Provide a company brief and background on key staff members to be engaged in the project.

2. Experience. Demonstrate specific knowledge of and experience in performing similar work for projects comparable to the nature, size and scope of Illuminite.

3. References. Provide at least three client references demonstrating a successful delivery of similar service. Include Name of the Organization, Contact Person, Name of the Event, links to photos and/or video.

4. Main Show Document.

  • Provide a statement of understanding of Illuminite and the objectives
  • Provide a description of the creative approach for the event and the show. Include a vision and the key elements for the show (acts, artists, highlights). Describe the mood for the event. Provide music samples if available.
  • Draft runshow.
  • Include sketches, photos and links to videos, if available.
  • Limitations, i.e. can only be performed if wind speed in under x km; cannot be performed in rain or sleet, etc

5. Describe how a sponsor can be incorporated in the show should one come on board.

6. Rider. Include a list of technical requirements from YDS (audio, lights) and the requirements for the green room.

7. Site Plan. Include a diagram as to how the show will be laid out at YDS.

8. Timeline. Indicate the milestones for the event and the projected time frames.

9. Financials. Indicate the cost to deliver the show (not including the cost for YDS and the services provided by YDS). Include payment schedule.

10. Be advised that a Certificate of Insurance will be required from the successful Proponent upon notice of the award. No work will commence without the following insurances forwarded:

  • General Liability Insurance. Proponent shall obtain and maintain throughout the agreement, General Liability insurance in the amount of $4,000,000 per occurrence for Property damage and bodily injury; $1,000,000 for general aggregate. Insurance shall protect the Proponent and sub-contractors for any claims or damage for personal injury including accidental death, as well as claims in property damages which may arise from delivering the services. The City of Toronto, DYBIA and Yonge Dundas Square board of directors and management will be named as additionally insured.
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), as required by the province of Ontario. Proponent and any of the subcontractors shall fully comply with Ontario WSIB regulations. Proponent must provide a certificate showing coverage.

Proposals must be received in the Downtown Yonge office by 5pm on May 31, 2017. 

Submit one (1) electronic copy of your proposal to: Cheryll Diego, Events and Partnership Manager at

Please note that Proposals will not be considered unless:

  • Received by the date and time specified; and
  • Received at the address specified.

The evaluation of the Proposals will be based on clarity and detail of the foregoing criteria. Please note that the BIA reserves the right to schedule presentations or interviews during the evaluation process, and may also request clarification where necessary. See Schedule B for list of criteria.


RFP provided to suppliers May 10
Supplier questions on RFP due to DYBIA May 16
Responses to questions May 19
RFP Submission Deadline May 31

Download the Complete RFP HERE


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