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Deadline: Wednesday September 23 at 11:59PM

Small Change is a Cahoots Theatre initiative to support those who work in Canadian Theatre and fall under our mandate, "artists on the edge".

We know that this is a difficult time for many in our community. Small Change is not about exchanging money for the creation of art, but about recognizing that the stories of our communities are not only the ones we put on stage, but the ones they are living everyday. Despite some federal financial assistance, people still struggle. And not everyone qualifies for this assistance. We want to make a small change in those stories by providing small sums of money that can be used for groceries, transportation, medicine, or another essential need. Single individuals may be granted $100 and individuals with dependents may be granted $200.

Cahoots Theatre has allotted $20,000 for this fund. We unfortunately will not be able to provide everyone who applies, as we will prioritize those who fall at the various intersections of the communities we serve, but we hope to help as many people as we can. Apply below.

Apply Now

Applications are now open and will close on Wednesday September 23 at 11:59PM. We will contact everyone who applies with the status of the funding on Wednesday, September 30.

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