Industry Listing, Submission.

Deadline: March 04, 2020

Dates: May 04 - August 07, 2020

Reinforce and hone basic skills and practical problem solving while working with professionals and a wide range of technology (including state of the art and legacy systems) in a safe, inclusive environment.

You will be responsible for setting your own goals and learning objectives as part of the program, with encouragement and support from a network of mentors. These mentors will provide insight into the demands of the workplace with advice and guidance on how to advance within the industry.
Learning opportunities will arise through workshops, demonstrations, instruction, and projects that arise through support for program content. You will determine individual learning objectives and goals in consultation with a mentor at the beginning of the program.

You will experience hands-on learning in support of projects in Performing Arts residency programs. You will also receive mentorship to strengthen your technical and artistic knowledge, as well as communication, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills.
We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Boots and Shoes Technician Practicum
Props Builder Practicum
Scenic Artist Practicum
Scenic Carpenter Practicum
Wardrobe Technician Practicum
Wigs and Makeup Technician Practicum
Wardrobe Production Shops Practicum
Scenic Production Shops Practicum

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*The weekly program fee is covered 100% by financial assistance.

Successful applicants will receive a daily living allowance while part of the program. Practicums are responsible for their own room and board costs but are eligible for subsidized Banff Centre housing based on availability.

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