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In 2015, the Toronto Fringe launched a three-year strategic plan that identified improving accessibility as a key goal.

After many months of research and consultation with the Ontario Arts Council Deaf artists and artists with disabilities advisory committee, we are pleased to announce our Accessible Lottery Category.

Inspired by the work of other Canadian culture institutions as well as Deaf artists and artists with disabilities, this initiative will be rolled out in two stages, the first being a focus on artists, with the introduction of the new Accessible Category and the second stage focused on audiences, which will be rolled out in early 2017.

Project Goal: To increase representation of Deaf artists, hard of hearing artists, sick artists, mad artists and/or any artists with a disability* at the Toronto Fringe.

*Please click here for definitions and explanations behind our use of the above terminology.

Watch an ASL interpreted video featuring Sage Lovell who is describing the new Lottery Category and how to apply.

Part Two of video describes what happens if you are selected

Who Can Apply to this Category?
Anyone who self-identifies as a Deaf artist, hard of hearing artist, sick artist, mad artist and/or any artist with a disability.

How to Apply:
The application process is through an online form but if alternative ways are required we will accommodate your needs, such as a video application, an email, or via the phone.

Read more and apply via online form here.
If you would like to apply in another way, please contact Lucy Eveleigh at or 416-966-1062 x 223.

Or download a PDF Call for Artists here.

Deadlines & Details:
The deadline for applying is November 20th at 11.59pm.

The live draw will be on Friday November 25th, 7pm at the Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Ave. We will be choosing two artists or companies who will take part in the Toronto Fringe, July 5th - 16th 2017.

Those selected from this lottery will receive the following:
1. Free entry into the accessible lottery (usually $28.50 registration fee)
2. Free participation fee into the Festival (usually $750 fee)
3. $1000 cash bursary to assist in covering production costs
4. A paid mentor, to be assigned on a case by case basis to address each participant’s needs

Support & Assistance:
We will offer additional support as needed for the selected company. This may involve a mentorship with regards to a particular element of producing, i.e. Marketing & Publicity, or social media, or production. Or it may relate to the participant’s specific need with regards to their disability.

Please note: Although selected companies will be offered the support and assistance they need to mount their show, companies drawn via the Accessible Lottery Category will not be highlighted differently than any other festival participant.

Why have we created this Lottery Category?

By setting aside two spots in our festival that will be drawn through this program, we are ensuring that our festival will be more diverse and inclusive. Although Fringe Festivals are some of the most inclusive places in the arts community due to the fact that the festivals are non-juried, we need to be proactive to ensure space is provided for all members of our community.

We value your feedback! Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. 416-966-1062 /

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