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What would you say to your future self a year from now? 

Last year, we launched the Wish You Were Here campaign and received a wide array of handwritten messages from the dance community to send to their friends and loved ones. 

In times of distancing, some of us have been given the chance to take pause in our life, making us re-think and self-reflect. In anticipation of our next 2021 dance: made in canada / fait au canada Festival, we invite you to be part of our Wish I Was There project to create a postcard with a personalized note to your future self.  Things will probably look different from today, but no matter how you grow and change, we hope the past-you can inspire, guide, or remind you of the present and connect you to this moment.  

Our team will collect the digital card submissions and print the postcards for you to retrieve at our August 2021 Festival. Participants may elect for their creation to be part of a curated art-piece which will be unveiled as part of our onsite Arts Encounters exhibition. 

Allow your inner thoughts to flow and process the emotions and thoughts of today. Write confidently, knowing your privacy will be respected. 

When we can be together again in the new world, we hope this card can be a precious gift to yourself. Thank you for keeping the community safe.

Create Your Postcard

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