Industry Listing, Submission.

Application deadline: November 22 2020

Round Two Interviews: Late November to Early December 2020
Program Start: Part-time February 2021, Full-time July 2021

Tapestry Opera is offering a full-time, paid, multi-year professional opportunity to female-identifying and non-binary music directors and conductors in partnership with Pacific Opera Victoria and leading orchestral partner the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, collaborating with over 10 other Canadian opera companies and orchestras for national placements.

In the 2018 / 2019 season only 6.2% of conductors in the largest six Canadian opera companies were women. There are no female Music Directors currently in the top 12 Canadian opera companies, and the number of female-identifying music directors or assistant conductors in the top 12 Canadian Symphony orchestras who were born and trained in Canada is only 1. We want this to change.

Women in Musical Leadership is a program designed to offer opportunities to top Canadian talent and address the longstanding gender imbalance in music direction and conducting in opera and classical music. It’s an advanced three-year fellowship program for 6 music directors/conductors in cohorts of 2, beginning a year apart.  With the support of like-minded organizations across Canada, the goal of Women in Musical Leadership is to provide multi-faceted practical conducting training, mentorship, and professional opportunities to promising conducting talent, allowing them to focus solely on conducting for three years.

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