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As part of my re-entry into the workplace in my chosen field, Workman Arts’ participation in citySPECIAL was crucial. The process of recovery needs rest and recreation as well as insight into the commonality of the human condition. The act of sharing a meaningful artistic experience cannot be underestimated in healing value. Hats off to all those who make the program possible thereby showing compassion and a desire to lighten the load of people so often disenfranchised by society.

Honestly, we share our praises for this program all over the country when we present and speak about how we get gang involved youths to exit and leave gangs. Well this is one of the very needed and underrated resources…

Thank you kindly for your generous support of tickets to Yonge Street Mission. Your donation will make a vital and immediate impact in the lives of street youth, families in need, and adults experiencing chronic poverty in our community. We are grateful for your kindness and compassion.

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