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Ready Set Recycle needs a space to hold a wardrobe sale!

Space needed up to 2000 -4000 square fee for a TV show wardrobe sale, after lock down of course. All we would need is lobby space with bathrooms, good public and loading access and out door spots to post signage. We do not need any tech what so ever other than wi fi access . If you have some tables and chairs you can provide us with that would be grand. Ideally there is lockable storage available at night for our more pricy items. If your company also wishes to sell some inventory along with us to raise some funds that would be with talking about.
We have some flexibility on the dates and would need some set up and strike days for which we would pay 1/2 of the sale day rate. At this time we are looking for 6 days of sale and at least 1 day to move out. We would provide you with all the required insurance.
If this would be of interest to you then please contact us via email or call us at (416) 836-0710

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