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Calling all artists, performers, art-lovers, public space enthusiasts & citizens of Toronto!

Join an ever-growing collective of artists, volunteers, and community organizers who are passionate about re-imagining public space.

If you haven’t already heard: the Gateway Newsstand at Chester Subway is now occupied by artists! Since May 2015, the (above-ground) Artist-Run Newsstand at Chester Subway has become a multidisciplinary community space, bringing together the work of writers, choreographers, media artists, performance artists, theatre artists, craftspeople, visual artists and community arts organizers. Each month we host upwards of ten events (installations, exhibits, performances, screenings) at the Newsstand. We also sell commuter necessities (newspapers, magazines, snacks) and artist merchandise (‘zines, artist books, multiples) daily from 3PM-7PM, Monday-Friday.

The Artist-Run Newsstand Volunteer Program provides experience in arts space/micro-gallery operations & an opportunity to participate in the one-year art experiment that is the Newsstand. You will be a contributor to the culture of the Newsstand – interacting with artists, audiences, and TTC commuters. Best of all, you’ll gain a thorough knowledge of the current and upcoming exhibitions at the Newsstand and witness the wonderful ways that our roster of local and international artists use the Newsstand to create and exhibit their work.

The program requires individuals who enjoy interacting with the public and are passionate about community engagement and re-imagining public space. As a volunteer attendant, you will be asked to: sell Newsstand merchandise, provide information about the current exhibit and upcoming events, and explain the Artist-Run Newsstand project itself.

Volunteers will be asked to commit to a minimum of one weekday shift (3PM-7PM) every two weeks. Need-based travel stipends will be provided to successful applicants.

To apply, please email with a short cover letter that details:
1) why you are interested in volunteering
2) any relevant work or volunteer experience
3) your availability

For more information on our programming visit our facebook page

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