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Cow Over Moon Children’s Theatre is currently seeking enthusiastic and creative persons from the Mississauga community interested in a voluntary position on our board of directors.

Ideal candidates will have experience in fundraising or marketing.

Who We Are:  Cow Over Moon Children’s Theatre is a not for profit charitable organization, founded in Mississauga in 1996.  Cow Over Moon creates, produces and presents shows targeted to children and their families loosely based on classic fairy tales and folk stories.  The shows are created by the cast and director using improvisational techniques and have been presented in both Toronto and Mississauga.

Mission Statement: Cow Over Moon Children’s Theatre is dedicated to creating and producing quality, accessible theatre productions for children and families.  By creating original scripts with a contemporary message, incorporating classic themes and teachable moments, the artists at Cow Over Moon engage their audience through the transformative power of theatre.

Contact Info:  Board President: Gwen Maloney


  • Creativity and Collaboration: Cow Over Moon values excellence, professionalism, integrity, and a creative and collaborative artistic process.
  • Audience Engagement: Cow Over Moon believes in engaging an audience in learning through imaginative play and humour.
  • Diversity: Cow Over Moon welcomes diversity in its audience, creative team, and source material.
  • Accessibility: Cow Over Moon is committed to ensuring that ticket prices and venues are accessible to all families.

Vision:  Organizational growth and stability are the centerpieces of the vision that Cow Over Moon has crafted.  Cow Over Moon Children’s Theatre’s goal, by 2020, is to have established:

  • A diverse professional ensemble that reflects and reaches new audiences
  • Programming expansion to include a second annual production and touring to schools and festivals
  • Financial sustainability through increases in contributed and earned revenue
  • Permanent administration with dedicated marketing and development staff
  • Audience expansion in performance venues and schools
  • Stronger governance and a transition towards being a policy board

Job Description:

Time commitment:  The board meets once every three months at a time and place convenient for board members.  The meetings generally run for two hours.  Anticipate two hours pre-meeting preparation.

Cow Over Moon Children’s Theatre’s board of directors is a working board.  It provides guidance to its Artistic Director, establishes policies and procedures and is directly involved in financial management, publicity, educational components of its productions.  Board members also work on ad hoc projects where required.

Authority:  Individual board members have no authority to approve actions by the company, direct staff or to speak on behalf of the organization, unless give authority by the board.

Term: Each board member will be eligible for three-year terms, elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Reports to: The President of the Board of Directors.

Accountability:  The Board of Directors is collectively accountable to the members, community, funders and other stakeholders.  They are accountable for Cow Over Moon’s performance in relation to its mission and strategic objectives and for the effective stewardship of the company.

Responsibilities:  Board members are responsible for acting in the best long-term interest of Cow Over Moon and its community and must bring to the task of informed decision-making, a broad knowledge and an inclusive perspective.  Must be a member in good standing of Cow Over Moon.  In addition to the governance responsibilities of a board member, the ideal candidate we are seeking will be interested in directing and assisting in fundraising activities for Cow Over Moon and/or in providing leadership in marketing of our productions.

Duties: Every member of the Board of Directors is expected to do the following:

  • To be fully informed on matters related to Cow Over Moon and its sector, and to participate in discussions and decisions in matters of policy, finance, programs, personnel and advocacy.
  • Prepare for and attend board meetings
  • Work as a team member and support board decisions
  • Participate in the implementation of Cow Over Moon’s 2015 Strategic Plan
  • Demonstrate loyalty, commitment, fiduciary responsibility and respect confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Identify potential conflicts of interests and report them immediately to the Board of Directors
  • Be assured that the Board is adequately and currently informed, through reports and other methods, of the condition of Cow Over Moon and its operations
  • Ensure compliance with all government regulations
  • Ensure that the company has comprehensive policies and procedures and that it is complying with them and being current on changes in legislation and regulation
  • Appoint an independent auditor, if necessary, subject to the approval of the members
  • Make certain there are proper internal controls
  • Approve the budget and monitor financial performance
  • Abide by the by-laws, code of conduct and other policies that apply to the board
  • Participate in fundraising activities of Cow Over Moon
  • Accept fiduciary responsibility for Cow Over Moon in accordance with its by-laws
  • Participate in the hiring, evaluation and release of the Artistic Director
  • Participate in the recruitment of new board members
  • Participate in committee work
  • Attend and participate in the Annual General Meeting and other meetings of the members
  • Keep informed about issues relevant to the arts and culture community
  • Contribute personal expertise, i.e. marketing, fundraising, accounting, legal, etc. to further the aims of Cow Over Moon.

Qualifications:  The following are considered key job qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Cow Over Moon’s activities and operating context
  • Commitment to the company’s mission, values and strategic directions
  • Interest in Theatre for Children
  • A commitment of time
  • Openness to learning
  • Commitment to diversity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Governance/Board operations skills
  • Financial understanding
  • Operational/organization skills
  • Knowledge of the arts and culture community
  • Fundraising knowledge and experience
  • Marketing knowledge and experience
  • Ability to lead initiatives and also work in groups.

Preference will be given to residents of Mississauga.

Benefits:  You will have to pleasure of bringing vibrant theatre to young people in Mississauga and Toronto and develop their life-long love of live theatre.

Removal of a Board Member:  A director may be removed from the board, by a majority of votes, if absent from three meetings without reasonable cause or if he/she acts against the best interest of Cow Over Moon as set out in its by-law.

Please submit a letter outlining why you are interested in joining Cow Over Moon Children’s Theatre and a copy of your resume  by April 15, 2016.

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