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Ineffable The Film
Ineffable, defined as the incapability of being expressed or described in words, is a short dance film that will address the issue of psychological abuse.

This non-dialogue film will use dance as the main form of communication to explore the ways in which we use art to express ourselves when we can’t find the words.

The story follows Jade, a 20-something year old young woman in a psychologically and physically abusive relationship who is unable to vocalize her situation. We see her story unfold through dance—combining the use of the physical body married with a beautiful song to create a captivating visual experience. We follow Jade from her workplace, walking down dark city streets, out for dinner with friends, to her home with her partner/abuser, and finally to an open warehouse/loft space where she is free to express herself through movement.

The goal of this project is to advocate for those who are affected by an issue that many are silenced by while visually exemplifying how self-expression and healing go beyond the scope of words.

JADE - (FEMALE, 18-30, OPEN ETHNICITY), Meek and introverted in person, yet expressive and explosive through dance. Suffers from psychological domestic abuse. Strong background in contemporary dance considered an asset.*

MASON - (MALE, 18-30, OPEN ETHNICITY), Jade's partner. Charming, yet controlling. He intimidates and dominates those around him. Psychologically abusive.

The actors who are requested for an audition are required to perform ONE of the monologues attached for the roles of JADE and MASON. Memorization is not necessary. (see website linked)

*For the role of JADE, actors will be asked to also prepare a short contemporary dance routine (no longer than 45 seconds). Choreographed or improvised. Please bring music for dance (on iPod or CD). Otherwise, music will be provided.

Audition Dates:
Saturday, October 24, 2015
12:30pm - 6:00pm (10 minutes per audition)

Ryerson Athletic Centre (RAC 205A) - Studio I
50 Gould Street

Please submit online on Casting Workbook or to by email to with the subject: INEFFABLE CASTING CALL. Please include headshot, resume, and demo reel if you have one.

Posted by: Ryerson University / Échappé Films
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