Industry Listing, Volunteer.

Length of Involvement: 24 months

Overall governance of a theatre company whose mission is to create decolonized theatre spaces to develop and promote Black and brown creatives. b current is currently recruiting for a treasurer, and additional board members with complementary skills to our current board members, 

Length of Involvement:
24 months

Time Commitment:
4-6 hours per month

b current is committed to creating, nurture, and present new works by Black, Brown and Indigenous creatives.  Over two decades we have created space for decolonized theatre and prioritized the safety and creativity of the artists that we work with.  

We develop new works by diverse artists primarily rooted in the cultural, social, and political experiences of Indigenous peoples as well as Canadian and international Black and brown Diaspora. In order to effectively do this we have dramaturgy & workshop sessions, public readings, and workshop performances, as well as in-depth training programs for emerging creators.
We address racism and white supremacy in the arts and society at large through the B INC Anti-Oppression training program. We produce daring and groundbreaking theatre creations and since inception we’ve mounted over a dozen main stage plays, and 100+ other public performances.

  1. General Purpose – The mandate of b current’s board of directors is to provide governance oversight to ensure the company is compliant with all federal regulations governing charitable activity. This includes fiscal responsibility, human resources and mission impact.
  2. Composition and Appointments – The b current Board of Directors consist of:
    1. The Chair of the Board
    2. A Vice-Chair
    3. A Treasurer
    4. A Secretary
    5. Additional Board Members
  3. Key Duties and Responsibilities – Each of the volunteer board members will take on a leadership role as outlined below. As a leader, you will be requested to ensure the success of your area in accordance with overall organizational goals related to:           

a. Fundraising and network-building
b. Risk Management
c. Staff Performance
d. Compliance with CRA regulations

Meetings – Meetings are monthly and will take place in-person in Toronto. Virtual attendance by phone or videoconference is acceptable. Absence at more than 5 successive board meetings will lead to a re-evaluation of the member’s position. 

Leader Role Descriptions

  • Runs meetings
  • Oversees each Leader area
  • Participate in stewardship and fundraising activities
  • Develops Agendas in collaboration with staff and other board members

Vice Chair

  • Work closely with b current staff on identifying needs of the organization that can be supported by Board of Directors
  • Supports sub-committees of the Board with logistics and documents
  • Fills in for the Chair where the Chair is unable to attend.                    


  • Works with staff to ensure books are kept up to standard
  • Facilitates BOD conversations about financial health of the organization
  • Conducts regular forecasting exercises with staff and Board.


  • Record minutes of meetings
  • Distribute minutes of meetings


  • Participate in network-building, stewardship and fundraising
  • Promote programs and performances to your network
  • Attend performances
  • Review all board materials in advance of meetings


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