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Stella Adler once said, “Life beats down and crushes the soul. and art reminds you that you have one.” we here at spur of the moment Shakespeare collective stand by that statement and the potential power for good and change that the arts can have on people.

That is why we embarked on this Shakespeare in hospital project. a project where we make art accessible and bring it to people who may be going through hard times and people that the mainstream theatrical community has not yet made theatre accessible for. We do this because we believe in the healing potential of art and the human connection it brings.

This year we focused on the theme of home. How do we find it? What does it mean to be home? To define home? It is the theme that we are also bringing to our gala show where we will showcase the amazing work our cast and crew have done.

This is where you come in! We are looking for volunteers to help with making sure our gala is a success. We appreciate the time you would take to make this event a success and you will have an amazing time with free drinks, free food and an amazing free show.

Times are December 13th with a call time of 6:00pm with a soft start at 5:30pm

And December 14th with a call time of 6:00 pm with a soft start at 5:30pm

If you can make both fantastic but please attach your availability.

The roles we are looking for are
1. 2 bartenders (must be smart serve certified and also will get to take home tips)
2. 1 person on for food serving pizza
3. 1 coat check usher (will get to take home tips)
4. 1 door person
5. 2 ushers

If interested please email myself with position desired, available days and experience in said area. Also a little blurb about what Shakespeare means to you.

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