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Welcome the spring with a 2 Day Voice & Text Spa! We need to exercise our bodies; our minds need stimulation; our voices need attention too!

Sarah Weatherwax, a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher, is offering a 2 Day Intensive for Actors & Singers in Toronto.
Learn how to relax and open on the inside of your body - for breath to drop in and voice to fly out - for auditions, for performances, rehearsals, shoots, for every type of acting from musical theatre to action film to larger than life gaming industry voice acting...

Discover what is blocking your voice and how to release those blocks. Find out what free vibrations feel like.

This work is key for on-going development of talent for the actor or singer/actor. Working on voice also encourages health – more oxygen in the blood, increased space in the spinal column, relaxation in the muscles, etc.

And when you free your voice, you free yourself....

Your acting, singing, writing or speaking voice, your creativity, special way of composing or unique style as a designer or chef, your way of producing or teaching or sculpting....

Day 1: Voice & Body: Learn a really complete progression of exercises that move from relaxation to re-energized. Exercises will address spinal & breath awareness, jaw & tongue tension, soft palate responsiveness, breathing power, resonator work.....and so much more.
Day 2: After a really full voice & body warm-up, everyone will work on a monologue of their choice. Coachings will come from a voice & body point of view....very specific guidance will be offered, to help you deepen your vocal connection to the text.

Monday, March 26 & Tuesday, March 27. 10am to 6pm daily.
$275 & HST or $220 & HST for CAEA, ACTRA or Straeon members.

388 Queen St. East, Toronto. (Enter from Trefann)

See for teacher bio & workshop details.

Email: to apply. Send resume & letter of interest.

Reasonably priced, no big time commitment.... and it's happening now, which is always the best time to do things.

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