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Act Bravely WorkshopAre stress and anxiety sabotaging your career?

When you’re heading into an audition, rehearsing with new people, stepping onstage to perform, or meeting an agent, director or producer – that’s when you need your brain to work with you, not against you. You can take control of your stage fright with a practical tool that has been embraced by the military, major corporations, schools, health care providers and competitive athletes: mindfulness meditation.

This 2-hour workshop will give you effective tools to manage and overcome your anxiety, and a fuller understanding of how anxiety affects performance. You will leave with a variety of mindfulness tools: quick strategies as well as longer meditations, and practices you can add to your acting warm-up or do separately.

Enhance your performance skills:

- Recover faster from on-stage mistakes
- Overcome distractions
- Build concentration and focus
- Listen more effectively
- Calm your mind
- Manage your anxiety
- Increase your resilience to stress
- Live more in the moment
- Reduce the impact of negative thinking

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