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Act Bravely: Practical Strategies to Conquer Stage Fright

Are stress and anxiety sabotaging your career?

When you’re heading into an audition, rehearsing with new people, stepping onstage to perform, or meeting an agent, director or producer – that’s when you need your brain to work with you, not against you. You can take control of your stage fright with a practical tool that has been embraced by the military, major corporations, schools, health care providers and competitive athletes: mindfulness meditation.

This 2-hour workshop will give you effective tools to manage and overcome your anxiety, and a fuller understanding of how anxiety affects performance. You will leave with a variety of mindfulness tools: quick strategies as well as longer meditations, and practices you can add to your acting warm-up or do separately.

Enhance your performance skills:
• Recover faster from on-stage mistakes
• Overcome distractions
• Build concentration and focus
• Listen more effectively

Increase general wellness:
• Calm your mind
• Manage your anxiety
• Increase your resilience to stress
• Live more in the moment
• Reduce the impact of negative thinking

Instructor - Jorie Morrow
Jorie Morrow is a professional actor, meditation teacher and social worker/therapist. As an actor she has worked in theatre, film and radio, and she recently co-wrote and starred in “Hey! Good Lookin’”, a funny and heartwarming show about family, illness, and taking care of each other. Jorie has over 20 years of experience as a social worker, working in both the community and hospital sector throughout the GTA. She has taught meditation in community mental health organizations for front line staff, at Roger's communications for the members of their B-Well Centre, and she continues to teach individual clients.

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