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Wed Nov 1, 6:30-8:30pm with Kristina Lemieux

Being able to talk about your work in a concise, compelling way is as important as creating the work itself. You think your work is worthwhile - but how do you convince audiences, funders, donors, media, sponsors, juries and presenters? How do you maintain your authentic voice and idea while accommodating how different audiences respond to language and narrative? Knowing your audience and what is important to them is vital to understanding how to best frame your work into a succinct, interesting narrative that answers the primary question of “Why should they care?” Why does the work you’re making right now matter? How does it relate to them or the questions they are asking you? What’s the simplest, most engaging way you can answer those questions with confidence? You may already be saying all the right things, but HOW you say them can make all the difference. Over the two hours you will:

- Learn to write a concise thesis statement for your project
- Learn how to plan out a narrative description
- Review the various ways you can describe both the creative and production side of your project
- Look at two most common places for persuasive writing and what is required: funders and audiences


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