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Tuesday April 3, 2018

6:00pm - 8:00pm
Theatre Ontario Boardroom
Suite 350 -401 Richmond Street West, Toronto

What does an agent do and why should you have one?
This session covers the basics of the agent/performer relationship and some general business information, answering questions such as:

How do you go about looking for an agent? What sort of materials will you be expected to have with you and will you be asked to audition?

When meeting with agents, what should you look for?
What can you do as a performer to keep your relationship with your agent on track and aiming towards your business goals?
If you ever have to leave an agent, what is the best strategy?
Is it best to join one of the two unions right away or stay non-union while gaining experience?
What can you expect to get out of this profession? What can you expect if you achieve success as an actor?

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