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We're coming up to the last session of 2017 - audit an on-camera scene study class in the next few weeks and give yourself time to register for the next round, beginning the week of November 6th.

Location: 636 Pape Ave, entrance off Cavell Ave
Class Schedule: Mondays & Wednesdays 6PM, Tuesdays 11AM

Auditing is free! Stay for as little or as much of the class as you like - just give us a heads up email at to let us know you're coming.

What am I responsible for bringing to my acting and what do I leave to inspiration? These questions never end, they are different for every actor on every day and it’s a teacher’s job to help an actor with these questions as they prepare to be on set, on stage or in the audition room. In these classes, actors will learn their strengths and what they need to work on in front of the camera. Points of emphasis will be: seeking out visceral objectives; the belief that an objective is attainable; finding compelling obstacles through both character and in-depth script analysis; and learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable while working in front of the camera through breath and physical awareness on existing film and television scripts.

"I taught and studied at the Professional Actors Lab for 9 years. At Equity Showcase, I trained for 5 and taught for 2 years. As a young man I trained at Bishop’s University and Studio 58 in Vancouver. I direct, act and continue to study in Toronto. ‘But why is it called The Dirt Underneath Actors’ Space?’ Actors need a place to practice. To dig in the dirt."

TESTIMONIAL - KELLY PENNER, Actor (Reign, The Girlfriend Experience, The Shaw Festival)
"As a teacher, I feel no fear or intimidation from him. What I like most about his class is that I feel that John is in the trenches with me. Not some Lord of Acting sitting high above me with the secret or ‘right way’ to do things. He is able to use his experiences as an actor and more importantly as a human to relate to every individuals specific needs. Coming from a stage background I was intimidated by the camera. John has helped give me confidence in front of the camera on a intimate and technical level."

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