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Sunday September 30

10:00am – 12:00pm
509 Parliament St, Studio C
Cost: $20

Exploring creativity, from my standpoint, is exploring the complete unknown. It is acknowledging and accessing an open space of unknown identity. This is just one way to create and I do not deny the myriad other ways of creative thinking.

We have to find our way to "not knowing" individually through trial and error. We enter into the realm of "Knowing" once we are there and learn to trust any decision that is made beyond the yammering of thinking about it.

It is like balancing a stick on your head, the movement of thought can cause it to fall.

This workshop concerns balancing things as a practice. The practice not only concerns trusting creative impulses but practising performance as well. This workshop is planned to be an exploratory two hours of looking at balancing as a practice, balancing as a creative tool and balancing things as a pleasure.

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