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A live Zoom warm-up for IBPOC theatre artists

Date and Time: Monday July 20 and 27 at 11:00am

If you’re like me, the last number weeks have been difficult. Old and new wounds lie raw. My heart is bruised. And my normal ways of coping are not working or may not be available.

Also, if you’re like me, you feel cut off from your body. I feel out of sorts, confused. My body doesn’t know how to process what’s been happening. I’m very emotional. I’m depressed. I’m out of shape. I’m out of touch.

So I propose a class. A weekly warm-up that will allow us to re-connect with our bodies, our breath, and our voices. A periodic self-check-in to diagnose where we are and to explore where our bodies want to go. A gentle reminder for ourselves of our interdependent parts. Part meditation. Part experiment. Part tune-up. Part healing.

I am an actor, theatre-maker, opera singer and I have long been obsessed with our bodies, our breath and our voices. Drawing on diverse influences from yoga to Rolfing, mindfulness meditation to mind-body integration, my goal is to increase freedom and access to control and expression.

Over an initial period of 4 weeks in July, I’ll lead the group in live individual exercises that incorporate breath, gentle movement and some voice. The objective is to connect with ourselves and create a dialogue within to process and integrate our physical bodies, our internal minds, and the external experiences we’ve been having.


The link to this event will be sent to participants on the day of the event.

ASL Interpretation available upon request.

Registration for this event closes at 11am on the Friday before the workshop date. If you have any questions or missed the registration deadline but still want to participate please email

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