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Dates: January 29th to February 15th, 2020

Learn how to build a giant, lightweight puppet from start to finish in this hands-on three week (six session) class with Clay and Paper Theatre. The process will include building armatures, sculpting with clay and cardboard, costuming and rigging for backpack and rod puppets. We will also discuss the context for using such puppets, that is, how do giant images lend themselves to working in outdoor spaces and telling "big" stories, whether in a theatrical play, a community setting, in parades or even as part of civil protest. Explore this powerful tradition of image making with David Anderson , Canada's pioneer in public space performance who, with over fifty years of experience, is a master of narrative theatre using large-scale puppetry, musical soundscapes and exaggerated gestures to tell today’s urgent stories through plays, pageants, parades and spectacles. David will be joined by co-instructor and Clay and Paper Theatre Associate Artist and sculptor/puppet maker, Jesse Wabegijig.


  • Day 1 : Discussion of background/context of giant puppets/puppetry; review design image for project; begin building armature for sculpture
  • Day 2 : Sculpting of head and hands / begin costume
  • Day 3 : Papier-machéing / continue costume
  • Day 4 : Papier-machéing (remove puppet from mold, reinforce, begin painting) / continue costume / backpack assembly
  • Day 5 : Completion of puppet elements (including costume, backpack, rigging of hands/arms)
  • Day 6 : Assembly of puppet completed, dance with puppet! (very basic training/intro to animation of giant puppet)

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Dates + Times : Wednesdays (6:30-9:30pm) & Saturdays (1-4pm) from January 29th to February 15th
Location : 221 Sterling Rd, Unit #5
Cost : $300
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