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Bricks n'Sticks productions is seeking participants in a series of workshops that experiment with the theatrical creation process.

Our aim is to cultivate the best conditions to plant, water, and nurture the seed of creation.

We will be meeting weekly but one-time and occasional participants keep things interesting.
We are going to work towards an ensemble to produce a series of shows, festival or other.

The shows will be a combination of honorarium and profit-share,
the workshops are sliding scale to cover the studio cost.

Actors / writers / directors / producers / anything you'd like to bring to the table is welcome. We're about experimentation, everything works until it doesn't.

Interested participants can send an email to
please include:

- CV
- a quick word on what kind of artist you define yourself as and what draws you to this field

A word on the company...
What is tried and true today was once a crazy experiment - one of many.
We have this in mind with everything we do. We are experimenting with the structure of the theatrical creation process.
Some structures are destined to fall, burn, or implode. That's why we build with sticks first; wood can be thrown together
quicker and going back to the drawing board is less costly. When something works, we can reinforce the stick structure
with bricks. Yet, we don't always chose to. Many structures are still built with wood and they serve their own purpose.

Bricks n'Sticks productions
We build theatre with bricks and sticks

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