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Begins April 22, 2019

Registration is now open for the next session of On-Camera Scene Study at The Dirt Underneath which begins May 7th. The session is once a week for six weeks and the classes are four hours. Classes are capped at 10 students so you get ample coaching time. Classes are filmed with a two camera setup and you get your footage via a downloadable link every week. Our current session is open to auditors. For more information on how to audit and for our current schedule click here:

We are currently offering $50 off the regular class price if you register and pay by April 22nd. To register click here:

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"Now what about actors? We show up and good for that. With the best of intentions we develop habits, many of them involuntary. Some give us a career, but we wonder why we’re not having as much fun as we used to. We seek spontaneity, but get onstage or to set and perform exactly the way we did at the kitchen counter. We feel this problem is unique to acting. We are unable to see similarities between art forms, only differences. Actors, like every other kind of artist, are growing, changing and need to practice. It’s amazing that we think we don’t need to."
- John Gordon (Artistic Director and Coach)

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